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Premises Liability

By: Virtus Law Group, Birmingham Alabama.


Premises liability typically comes into play in personal injury cases when the injury is caused by an unsafe or defective condition on someone else’s property. Alabama premises liability categorizes visitors into three classes: (1) invitees, (2) licensees, and (3) trespassers.


Invitees are typically business customers but can be anyone on the property for the owner’s financial benefit. Owners must maintain a safe property and provide adequate warnings of dangerous or hazardous conditions. Owners can be held liable for any dangerous conditions that they should have known and informed the invitee about.


Licensees are people who received either a direct or implied invitation onto another person’s property. Licensees are not on the owner’s property for business or financial purposes. Property owners are responsible for warning licensees about dangerous conditions and fixing those conditions. However, owners can only be held liable for hazards they actually knew about.


Trespassers are uninvited visitors who do not have permission to be on the owner’s property. Owners are not responsible for keeping their property safe for trespassers. The only duty that owners owe trespassers is to warn the trespasser if they have actual knowledge that the trespasser is in danger.


Alabama requires visitors to watch where they are going and avoid dangerous conditions. In premises liability cases, the injured party may recover damages relating to past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and mental anguish. If the injury is severe, the injured party may also be entitled to permanent injury damages.


Premises liability claims often involve slip and falls, trip and falls, dog or other animal bites, defective steps, or handrails, falling products, wet or slippery floors, and much more. If you have been injured because of the property of another, call us and an experienced attorney will guide you through the intricate process of a premises liability claim.



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