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What is TTD?

I was injured on the job and I am unable to work while I’m recovering.  What is TTD?

If you are injured on the job in Alabama, you may be eligible to receive benefits under workers’ compensation.  One of the benefits available is Temporary Total Disability (TTD).  One can receive TTD benefits when the injury prevents one from doing any work while recovering from the on-the-job injury.  Generally, the TTD benefit is two thirds your average weekly wages.  There are maximum and minimum limits set by the State of Alabama that could affect the amount one receives.  An injured employee should receive TTD benefits until they are able to return to work or if the doctor says that the employee has reached maximum medical improvement. Maximum medical improvement simply means that the doctor believes the employee has recovered or is not likely to improve any further.

One important thing to remember if you are injured on the job is that these benefits do not start immediately.  Alabama has a three-day waiting period before the benefits begin, unless one has been disabled for twenty-one days or more.  If you believe that you have not received benefits owed to you under workers’ compensation, one of the experienced attorneys at Virtus Law Group can help you

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