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Other Common Injuries Associated with Car Accidents

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Broken bones or fractures typically occur due to the force of the impact of the crash or from objects striking the body at high rates of speed. Some of the most common breaks and fractures occur in the arms and legs due to occupants bracing for impact. Typically, broken bones or fractures require casting or surgery.

In car accidents, burns typically occur when airbags deploy, there is contact with a dangerous chemical, or when there is a fire within the car or nearby.

Burns can be broken down into the following degrees:

  • First degree burns – only affect the outer layer of the skin.
    Second-degree burns – the outer layer of skin along with the dermis is damaged.
  • Third-degree burns – these are very severe burns that destroy all the layers of the skin.
  • Fourth-degree burns – damage all the layers of the skin and may also damage muscle bone, and tendons.

Unfortunately,  burns from car accidents often require medical treatment and may lead to long term effects such as scarring.

A ligament is a connective tissue that connects two bones together particularly in joints. Tears can occur when the joint is twisted or overextended.

The symptoms of a torn ligament include limited joint movement, swelling, pain, and bruising. Torn ligaments often require surgical intervention to heal.

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